Sabbatical Beauty Launching Summer Line SPLASH With Maximum Botanical Actives for an Ultimate Summer Glow

Sakekasu Mask by Sabbatical Beauty

Just in time for summer sun, the upcoming SPLASH line is bursting with antioxidant-filled natural ingredients to refresh, heal and perfect your summer glow. Key actives include a serum with five types of ginseng, a snail extract serum, a mask made with sake, a blueberry extract mask, a red wine moisturizer, and an After Sun healing balm with fermented sea kelp and aloe vera.

​​​Sabbatical Beauty, an independent beauty startup noted for products with high concentrations of natural actives, will be launching an exclusive 19-piece Summer Collection titled “SPLASH” on June 27, 2016.

SPLASH is designed to create the ultimate summer glow. Products include a serum made of five types of Ginseng and a Tea Tree and Volcanic Ash anti-acne serum. Sabbatical Beauty also pays homage to the Korean beauty all star ingredient snail extract with its new Snail Serum. Other products include a Sakekasu mask: a wash-off mask made from the lees leftover from fermenting sake. Sake lees have potent brightening powers and are a cult Japanese beauty ingredient. Western botanicals are also featured among the SPLASH active ingredients, such as in the Blueberry & Cream mask that contains 51% blueberry extract. And because no summer is complete without wine, SPLASH presents a Red Wine “pressed serum”: a multitasking product that is both serum and moisturizer. The Red Wine “pressed serum” boasts four types of red wine extracts, and its strong concentration of resveratrol helps with anti-aging and redness.

The summer highlight of the SPLASH line is a premium After Sun facial balm made with fermented sea kelp, aloe vera, calendula and centella asiatica. Product testers have reported that the balm has helped improve sunburns overnight, minimize peeling, and calm mosquito bites.

Sabbatical Beauty is ready and waiting to perfect your glow this summer.

About Sabbatical Beauty

Sabbatical Beauty is an independent beauty startup founded by Adeline Koh, Ph.D., associate professor of literature at Stockton University. Koh created Sabbatical Beauty while on sabbatical because she was frustrated with the beauty products on the market. Many generic products loudly proclaim their "active" ingredients on their packaging, but these actives only make up a tiny percentage of ingredients. Inspired by the DIY beauty scene, she decided to start making her own skincare, and shared her results with friends. Sabbatical Beauty's goal is to share with its users the experience of being on sabbatical: happy, relaxed and refreshed. At the core of the small company’s philosophy is to create ethically handcrafted skincare that supports the well-being and joie de vivre of its users.

Sabbatical Beauty has been featured to rave reviews in Shape Magazine, Slate, Women’s Wear Daily, Cosmopolitan UK and even publications because of its apothecary-style packaging and gentle efficacy of its products.

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